K Greenie Treks: 2022 Appalachian Trail Hike

Local hike scenery

How it all began…

Hello! My name is Kelly and I first heard of backpacking back in 2015 when I needed something to do besides work on schoolwork all the time. Getting out into nature always seems to revive my soul. So, my daughter and I gathered some budget supplies and headed out for our first overnighter shortly thereafter. Since then, I have hiked with all my family members a time or two, but none of them share my passion to hike long and far. In fact, in 2016, I felt like God gave me a tentative date to hike the entire Appalachian Trail. Sadly, I never dreamed this is how my adventure would begin. Several situations in my life have worn me down quite a bit. My mental focus at my job while walking through these last few years have taken a toll on me mentally. Because of my diminished ability to focus on the intense demands at my job that I truly love, and with a need to take time away from home for a season, my doctor and I believe a reprieve into the woods could be healing for my soul. So Lord willing, I begin a trek to mend a heart. We’ll see where that takes me.

If you prefer vlogs, you can go to YouTube and find me at K Greenie Treks, too.

My Latest Posts

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  • 8/6/22
    I couldn’t sleep. So i wrote a raw poem. Not for the faint of heart. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qehnWCNrBn-YPDgFXMJXkaloS_JSfMieV1iu44DCP-M/editMore
  • 8/5/22
    I never should have come home. This is the worst pain I’ve ever felt. To love and be so thoroughly and completely rejected with not any glimmer of hope that…More
  • Post Hike Day 3 & 4
    Despite the growing heat, i was able to cover many make up miles. Then my friend Kathy was willing to pick me up to bring me home. It was a…More
  • Post Hike Day 2
    Post Hike Day 2-i am now Making up miles in NY from back when I had to go back to school for three days. Todays climbs were not long but…More
  • Post Hike Day 1
    Post Hike Day 1-Travel day-Bangor, Maine to Nyc on Greyhound to Lyft to Fort Montgomery, NY AT. Well, the first leg of my greyhound went well. There was a layover…More
  • Day 160
    Day 160-The Birches to summit of Katahdin for 5 miles up the Hunt Trail and 3 down the Abol Trail. Hey everybody, I’m sorry for delaying this last entry. Summit…More
  • Day 159
    Day 159-Abol Pines to Katahdin Stream Campground for 10 miles. This morning i woke up around 440. I thought maybe about sleeping a little more but I heard 2Pac Jack…More
  • Day 158
    Day 158-Wadleigh Stream Lean-to Abol Bridge for 23.2 miles. Nearly 50 miles in 2 days! Man, I’m tired and super psyched! I got to see Mt Katahdin from rainbow ledges…More
  • Day 157
    Day 157- Crawford Pond Beach stealth site to Wadleigh Stream Lean-to for 24.6 miles!! Oh my word. It was a good hot day. Some minor climbs that keep me huffing…More
  • Day 156
    Day 156-Stealth site 2111.6 to Crawford Pond Beach stealth site for 20 miles. It was a very successful day. I accomplished four regular peaks and then two little ones and…More